Longevity Code - Live Longer

RA-98 REVERSE AGING 20mg, 60 capsules

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COMPARE TO TA-65 ($600.00 1 month supply)

Introducing a state of the art anti-aging supplement based on the latest in longevity research. Longevity Code Live Longer RA-98 formula with Cycloastragenol 98% and Astragaloside IV 98% addresses the root cause of aging at the cellular level.

As we age our telomeres shorten and scientific studies have shown that short telomeres are associated with age-related decline and dysfunction. Evidence clearly shows that people with long telomeres age healthier and live longer.

The only way to lengthen telomeres is thru the activation of an enzyme called telomerase. The Chinese herb Astragalus has demonstrated the ability to support telomere structure and function.

 Longevity Code Live Longer Ra -98 formula features 2 powerful astragalus extracts Cycloastragenol 98% and Astragaloside IV 98% in one affordable telomere formula.

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