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The Original Dr. Aslan Gerovital GH3 Formula

GH-3 "The Vitality Vitamin"

G-H3 was originally developed as a nutritional "Anti-Aging/Reverse Aging “ tonic for the elderly. It aids the body in a wide range of anabolic activities. It favorably affects all cells and all systems of the body. the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal system and the musculoskeletal system. G-H3 has been marketed in the U.S. as a dietary supplement since the 80's and possibly longer.

It has positive effects on the heart, skin. nails, tissue, memory, moods, energy, joint function, stress, sexual performance, hearing, eyesight and sleep patterns.

G-H3 is an antioxidant and oxygenator. It also supports a healthy, positive mood and outlook.

G-H3 helps revitalize the elderly, but it can be taken by young and old alike to prolong youthful, healthy functioning. It is a tremendous product for students and athletes since it gives an incredible performance edge in both physical and mental activities.

For decades, tens of thousands of people flocked to Europe, spending up to $3,000 to received G-H3 treatments. However, the authentic product is now available at just a fraction of the cost. Now everyone has access to a truly high quality and affordable G-H3 "Anti-Aging " oral liquid tonic without costly shots, injections or treatments.

Beware Of Phonies: Many companies are selling a fraudulent G-H3 product through high-powered marketing campaigns. These companies quote G-H3 testimonials, G-H3 research and label their product G-H3, but they are not G-H3. Since 1979, MRP has carried the original Professor Aslan formula in the highly assimilable oral liquid formulation. It is the best way to ingest this wondrous nutritional product. Only take the original Dr. Alsan formula.

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