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Longevity Research Products Inc. is a life & human development company that focuses on innovative, nutritional & dietary supplement products.  It is our mission to help bring your health to a state of perfection. We intend to do this with natural science based dietary products.

Longevity Code Live Longer is the new leading brand in 100% professional grade dietary supplements and is proudly made in the USA.

Turn on Your Longevity Switch- Reverse aging naturally

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Peptide Bioregulators, gene switches that could replace stem cells!

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Peptide Bioregulators in a nutshell

What are Peptide Bioregulators?

After years of research, peptides have been discovered to play an important role in regulating multiple causes of biological aging. 

In a nutshell, aging is a gradual process of a slowing down in protein synthesis, which eventually leads to malfunction and death of a living organism. 

Peptide Bioregulators interact with particular strands of DNA - effectively and very specifically activating repair and regenerative processes. Instead of experiencing protein degradation and tissue or organ  breakdown with age, peptides enable you to actually synthesize or repair tissue and organ as you age,  therefore prolong lifespan.